In the light of the recent heartbreaking collapse of Azure’s window into the sea on Malta, we’d like to inspire you to visit some of the places around the world that are slowly disappearing in front of our eyes. The Azure window was one of Malta’s biggest landmarks, it was even featured in a Game Of Thrones episode.

Azure Window Malta Collapse


Here’s the before and after photo:



1. The Great Barrier Reef – Australia

(Photo by Lonely Planet)
Increasing environmental changes have taken its toll on the largest coral reef in the world. It covers 348,800 square kilometers (133,000 square mi) and supports a lot of life, including many vulnerable or endangered species, some of them endemic. It is the only living thing that is visible from space! The time expectancy in less than a 100 years.

2. The City of Venice – Italy

venice-sinking-rising-sea-waterThe romantic Italian city is slowly sinking due to increased rising of the sea water level. The mass tourism and the frequency of floods are greater every year, making the situation worse. Time expectancy in less than a 70 years.

3. The Maldive Islands

maldives-rising-sea-waterThe republic of Maldives is a country with the lowest average elevation of sea level in the world, where 80% of its islands don’t reach more than 1 meter above the sea level. It’s slowly sinking, as mentioned before because of rising sea water level. Time expectancy in less than a 100 years.

4. The Dead Sea

dead-sea-disappearWorld’s saltiest lake has shrunk by a third in the last 40 years. Jordan’s river inflow is the lake’s only source of water. Levels of salt water are dropping by three feet annually which means the Dead Sea could disappear in less than 50 years.

5. The Glaciers in the Alps

alps-glaciers-meltingClimate change has taken its price on the glacier ice in the Alps as well. Around 3% of the ice is melted each year due to increasing temperatures. Time expectancy is less than 40 years.

6. Ecosystem in Galapagos Islands

ekosystem-in-galapagos-islandsMass tourism did no favors to the ecosystem. The economic and environmental influences, with smuggling non-local animals to the islands, is contributing to local animals slowly disappearing.

7. Ecosystem in Alaska

alaska-ecosystem-tundraAgain, climate change is affecting Alaska’s tundra, which is damaging to the ecosystem.

8. The Seychelles Archipelago

seychelles-archipelago-beach-erosionThese Islands in the Indian ocean are facing a devastating beach erosion, which means that that the coral reef is slowly fading. Time expectancy is less than 100 years.

9. The Congo Basin

congo-basin-illegal-logging-farmingThis is the second largest Rainforest in the World and extends across seven nations. The tropical forest is slowly being destroyed, by illegal logging and farming. It’s crucial to protect it while it produces 40% of world’s oxygen.

10. The Glacier National Park – Montana

glacier-national-park-montana-meltingGlaciers in Montana are melting and are expected to be gone in less than that 20 years. In the last 100 years, we’ve seen more than 120 glaciers disappear. Ice melting will totally and dramatically change the current ecosystem.

11. The forests of Madagascar

madagascar-forest-illegal-farming-loggingLogging and illegal farming of the forest on the fourth largest Island in the world are dramatically impacting the Madagascar landscape. The majority of trees are expected to be gone in less than 30 years along with its animals. Out of the 310,800 square km (120,000 square miles), there are only about 51,800 square km (20,000 square miles) of the forest left.

12. The Snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

kilimanjaro-show-ice-capThe snow cap on Mt. Kilimanjaro will eventually disappear, leaving it with no glacier.

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