From our trip, we learned some crucial tips on how to save time in money when traveling to New Zealand. Though we spent only 3 weeks there we managed to pick up some tips on how to save precious time and a few bucks here and there.

Here are 12 money and time-saving tips for NZ:

1. Gear when entering the country:

If you plan on going hiking on your trip to New Zealand and plan on bringing some hiking and camping gear with you, make sure that is cleaned properly. Upon arrival in the country, they will check your gear and cleaned it for you if you don’t do it yourself, but you’ll save a great amount of time if you do it yourself and the people employed at the airport will greatly appreciate it.

2. Food when entering the country:

No fresh fruit, vegetables or meat when entering the country. Make sure you dispose of it all or declare it upon arrival, or you’ll be charged a fine. If you’re not sure about the food you are bringing in, just declare it. The quarantine officers will inspect it and confiscated all prohibited food. Generally, you cannot bring in fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh meat, honey and bee products.

3. Travel insurance:

Good travel insurance goes a long way, we know. If you plan on going hiking, doing extreme sports or just plan on shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables, get good travel insurance. 🙂 Getting a rota-virus is pretty common, Uros got it and our great travel insurance covered all his doctor’s appointments and medicine.

4. Discounts on tours, packages:

You can find cheap activities and discounts on websites like, it mostly offers last-minute discounts and coupons, so if you’re flexible with your time take advantage of it.

5. Drinks:

Hit happy hour for the cheap drinks, alcohol can be quite expensive.

6. Shopping:

Shopping for groceries is the cheapest in Pak ‘n’ Save stores, so if you can buy your food there and avoid stores like FourSquare, as it tends to be the most expensive, you’ll save some money.

7. Cooking:

Make your meals! Eating out can get quite expensive in New Zealand, so if you stay in Airbnb or Hostels there is almost always a kitchen where you can prepare your delicious food.

8. Food for the road:

Bring some Tupperware and a thermos, for those long days on the road. It’s great for storing leftovers and having a meal on the road, especially if you’re sick of those sandwiches and there is no restaurant or a cafe along the way. Thermos is especially great in the chill days after a hike and you need some tea to get you warm.

9. Itinerary:

Have a plan in mind, but also leave some time for flexibility if you have bad weather.

10. Hiking:

Nature is free, so hiking and walking are not expensive at all. Take advantage of it.

11. Booking tours:

Some tours tend to sell in advance, so make sure you book beforehand for some big attractions like Milford Sound or Hobbiton.

12. Data:

Save megabytes with choosing a good cell phone plan for yourself, depending on how much mobile data you’ll be using. Free WiFi spots are hard to find.

We hope our tips will make your trip to New Zealand more joyful. Enjoy!

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