• Time: 5 days
  • Expenses: less than $78 or 65€ per person per day (excludes airfare)
  • Season: all year around

Money and time-saving tips:

The lines for the Anne Frank House can get quite long, we recommend you either book online or go visit it late in the evening when it’s less crowded.Use public transport card for multiple days which includes GBV trams, metro, buses and night buses.

Find more saving tips in our 7 Time and Money saving tips for your trip to Amsterdam article.


This is our 5-day itinerary exploring the perks of another magnificent European city, the capital of Netherlands, the city of bicycles, water canals and great atmosphere, Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam don’t forget to try their cheese the most typical one being Gouda and Bitterballen, a delicious deep-fried crispy meatball traditionally served with mustard and Stroopwafel, two thin waffles stuck together with a layer of sweet syrup.

Every corner of the city has something interesting to offer, from art, delicious food, romantic canals, boat rides, relaxing parks, tall windmills and great nightlife.

Day one

Visit the Rijksmuseum, the national museum dedicated to the arts in Amsterdam to get the feel of your new adventure. In front of the museum you’ll find the famous “iamsterdam” sign, don’t forget to take a picture with it.

Next up is the Van Gogh Museum, dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries.

In the afternoon take the time and enjoy a snack in one of the parks nearby Museumplein, Vondelpark etc.

In the evening check out the buzzing Leidseplein square. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy some live music, a drink and the amazing nightlife, it always busy.

Day two

Take a stroll through the Nine streets and Jordaan area to experience the narrow canals. To get a great feeling of the canals beauty, take a boat ride, you’ll see some amazing views from the water and the city.

After lunch, pay a visit to the Anne Frank House. The museum takes you through the exhibition where Anne and her family were hiding in for two years during the II World War.

Next stop is the biggest church in Amsterdam, climb the tower to get a great view of the city, it’s worth it.

To conclude your day, stop for dinner at Foodhallen. Here you’ll get a unique culinary experience from signature dishes to street food.

Day three

Rent a bike, seriously. It’s a great way to spend the day in this bike-friendly city. Start the day with the ride in the park Oosterpark, from there head on to the De Gooyer Windmill. De Gooyer Windmill is the tallest wooden mill in the Netherlands at 87,3 feet/26,6 meters high.

Stop for some lunch and then go smell the flowers at the Bloemenmarkt. Bloemenmarkt is the world’s only floating flower market.

The Netherlands is also famous for their cheese. To buy and try some different flavors stop at the Amsterdam Cheese Company, you won’t regret it, you can even pick up some cheese as travel gifts there if you would like.

The last stop the day is a ride or a walk in the park Sarphatipark and then enjoying the evening at the De Pijp area.

Day four

Take the bus out of the city and spend the day in Zaanse Schans. The site was a residential area between 18th and 19th century. Here you’ll find various windmills, Netherlands iconic monumental machines.

The site offers you a bakery museum, a museum of clogs, where you’ll get to see how clogs are made and a cheese factory. The museums and the cheese factory are free, the entrance fee for the windmills is around $4,8 or 4€ each. Visit at least one of Windmills to enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings and learn the significance of the windmills to the community.

This part of the Netherlands is unique because of its wooden houses, mills, and workshops. You can walk on this incredible landmark or rent a bike and cruise around.

Day five

Find the smallest house in Amsterdam at Oude Hoogstraat 22. The house is 6,6 feet/2,02 meters wide and 16,4 feet/5 meters deep.

Stop by at the equestrian statue of Queen Wilhelmina located on Rokin street. Queen Wilhelmina was Queen of the Netherlands from 1890 until her abdication in 1948.

From there walk through the Kalverstraat, the busiest shopping street in Amsterdam and look for a passage leading towards Begijnhof, known as a home to Beguines, a Catholic order for unmarried women, who cared for others. This is also the location of the oldest house in Amsterdam which dates from the year 1465, with the house number 34. Nearby is the Amsterdam Museum where you’ll learn some new things about the Amsterdam history.

After lunch walk around Royal Palace of Amsterdam Koninklijk, Dam Square, and National Monument.

For another great view of the town climb the tower of The Oude Church. The Oude Church is the oldest building in Amsterdam, it’s 800 years old.

In the evening stop by Wynand Fockink, and get a taste of one of the 70 Dutch liqueurs that it has to offer. The liqueurs and genevers are still being made using the same 17th-century traditional craft method. Finally, walk through the famous Red light district.

This was a great city break, discovering the little things of Amsterdam.

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