This cute city on the South Island of New Zealand offers a variety of all-year-round activities you can indulge in. It’s known for being the adventure capital of New Zealand, but it offers so much more than that. With incredible nature scenery, it’s also a hiking paradise, a great city where you can take a helicopter or vine tour, relax in spas and enjoy some great food. Here’s how you can spend 48 hours in Queenstown.

Day one

In the morning head up to Bob’s Peak. You can hike to the top, it takes you about an hour or you can take the Sky Gondola. From here you can enjoy awesome views of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu at the Skyline Deck.

At the top of Bob’s Peak there is also Ludging, so if you’re up for some fun, get in the cart and race down the hill. It’s so much fun, amazing views from the top of the mountain are guaranteed!

Lunchtime! If you’re a foodie this is the place to be, Fergburger where you can grab a delicious burger or go to Fergbaker where you can try tasty pies.

After a great lunch take a stroll around the shores of Lake Wakatipu. You can rent a boat or take a ride on the lake, the scenery is breathtaking.

In the afternoon depending on what you’d like, you can get some more adrenaline pumping through your veins by going white water rafting or relax in some of the hot pools Queenstown has to offer.

In the evening grab dinner or a beer in some of the local restaurants and pubs.

Day two

Drive to Glenorchy. It’s a 45 minutes drive from Queenstown and it takes you on an adventure to Middle Earth (if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan you’ll know what we mean). This is a beautiful scenic drive with multiple pitstops for pictures of a great view of paradise.

For lunch, have a picnic on the incredible sites that Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu have to offer.

After lunch, get high! This city is the perfect place to take a helicopter tour, a scenic flight or you can go paragliding. The views from up top are breathtaking. We must say this was the highlight of our trip.

If you want to do some more adrenaline stuff you can also go skydiving or bungee jumping.

In the evening go explore the Queenstown nightlife 🙂

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