Krizna cave is the only naturally preserved tourist cave in Slovenia. There are no artificially lit chambers, just your tour guide, your flashlight and rubber boots to get you through your tour of cave exploring.

Krizna cave enterance
krizna cave river passage

If you are not a fan of crowds this for you, the tour groups are very small and have great guides who will show you the secrets of the cave. Their goal is to limit visitors hence postpone the inevitable damage to the Sinter barriers between the lakes.

Here’s the link to their website: where you can make the necessary arrangments and reservations.

The cave is mostly known for its 22 underground lakes with emerald green water. If you take into account all the smaller lakes of the Blatnik passage, then the number of lakes rises up to 45.
It’s considered to be one of the most gorgeous and best-preserved caves in the world and with its biological diversity, the fourth largest known ecosystem in the world. Wow!

You have a variety of tour options, each one including a boat tour. If you decide to attend a short tour, it’s about an hour long and you only cross the first lake (price per person: 9€). The longer 4-hour tour (price per person: 45€), goes deeper into the cave across 13 lakes. The longest possible tour is called the alternative tour, it’s 7 hours long, you cross over 20 lakes and it costs 200€ for a party of 4. The sweet spot is probably the dry tour, which lasts around 2 hours and costs 13€ per person.


The cave and the tours are extraordinary. While exploring you’ll find the remains of the extinct cave bears and cross paths with Lesser Horseshoe Bats hanging from the walls minding their own business. Hike on interesting terrain, see different rock formations, travel next to an underground river and depending on the tour, go on a boat ride on the underground lakes.

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